Shop It

Shop It Forward is a campaign that encourages community members to shop local.

During this campaign, you have the chance to be rewarded for supporting and shopping at your favourite local businesses. When you shop local, you Shop It Forward! With Shop It Forward you have a chance to be rewarded for supporting your community and local businesses. By shopping local, you are also supporting the community you live in. When money is spent here, it is likely to stay here. When we support local businesses they’re able to support community groups through participation, donations, and sponsorship of community events and causes.

Money is spent at local retailers thanks to shoppers like you! That retailer can then pay staff, purchase inventory and, for example, pay for repairs done by a local contractor. That contractor often supports kid’s sports teams by sponsoring their events; leading to that kid’s soccer team now being able to get new uniforms, thanks to local businesses and shoppers like you! Every small purchase makes a big difference.

Keep an eye out for when the next campaign will start or feel free to reach out to us to find out more.