Digital Chamber Bucks

Chamber Bucks (CB’s) are a gift certificate that can be used to pay for merchandise or services at Chamber Bucks participating members across the Parkland area. Check out the list on the website or watch for these stickers at participating locations. 



Chamber Bucks are now digital! The local currency is much more convenient than before. Chamber Bucks come in $5, $10, $25 and $50 denominations and can be purchased at – CLICK HERE


Physical Chamber Bucks

The sale of physical Chamber Bucks has stopped. If you have physical Chamber Bucks you can still use them at participating locations. If you are looking for Chamber Bucks, use the link above to purchase the convenient digital version! 



For Businesses

If you would like your business registered to accept digital Chamber Bucks, let us know. This program is open to Parkland Chamber Members and non-members. Either contact the Chamber office or CLICK HERE and use the promo code DAUPHIN to register your business. CLICK HERE to watch a short clip on how easily the program works.


Any Chamber Member that wishes can advertise on the Digital Chamber Bucks. Just let the Chamber know. This form of advertising is very impactful as each Chamber Buck will have your logo or promotion on it. Contact us for rates.

Members can still continue to accept physical Chamber Bucks as they are being phased out. We highly encourage members (and non-members), to register for the Digital Chamber Bucks program in order to still be able to accept the local currency. 



Chamber Members are required to fill out and mail in (or deliver), the Monthly Chamber Bucks Remittance Form along with the collected Chamber Bucks.

Chamber Bucks are not redeemable for cash, and refunds on any purchases should not be available. Should a customer need to receive change or a refund, a gift certificate/card is recommended.

CLICK HERE for a Chamber Bucks Remittance Form– Physical Chamber Bucks

Mail or drop off Chamber Bucks Gift Certificates and the from for reimbursement at:

Parkland Chamber of Commerce
100 Main Street South (City Hall)
Dauphin, MB
R7N 1K3

This is what the old physical form of Chamber Bucks look like. Chamber Bucks come in $10, $25 and $50 denominations